I seriously love engagement sessions, it’s such a lovely time for couples to get away from wedding planning and just get comfortable in front of the camera. Plus at the end pretty much all my couples say they’ve really enjoyed it and it does make a difference on the wedding day and create a much more relaxed couples session. I call them Love + Laughter sessions as that’s what they really are. Nothing cheesy, not really any posing just you guys doing your thing and having a record of you.  In fact come to think of it you don’t even have to be engaged to have beautiful photographs of you and your loved ones, love and laughter comes throughout life whether it’s with you and your kids, you and your parents or siblings, your dog/horse/cat loving you and you laughing at them! Basically the general rule is if you love someone get photos, be in photos, take photos, book a shoot don’t book a shoot but above all be present in the past and that’s all photographs are really are a collection of history that will gain more value in time than any other possession. I love to look back at photographs of my parents and grandparents, beyond that everyone sort of looks the same don’t they?! I found out shortly after starting my wedding photography journey that my Grandfather was a Wedding Photographer and I now have tonnes of his old prints of my grandmother, now aged 96 (wowsers)! Above all though my most beautiful possessions are the prints of my gorgeous Dad growing up, being a young man and through until I was little. What a fabulous time to be here when this digital age allows us to capture all the milestones along the way so easily. Now i’ve said my piece i’m off to book a family session as i’m truly rubbish at being in photos but I know my kids will be thankful in the future, or even just the older, more hagged me will look back with a smile. #Practicewhatipreach  Nicola Streader is your Lady for family sessions, she’s ace.

      And if you’re reading this and not even considering photos that’s cool too but above all LOVE + LAUGH! 🙂