Ok so that title firstly feels very uncomfortable to write but the reality is if you are planning to get married between now and the end of this year it is likely that the CV might impact your plans. This is so shit and my heart goes out to every single one of you that had so many hopes and dreams connected to a date in the near future. It goes without saying that the main worry at this tragic time is keeping loved ones safe and protecting our amazing NHS family because honestly, that’s what they are to all of us right now; aren’t they.

So the question in hand is what this epidemic means to your wedding plans and ultimately your contracts with wedding suppliers. I can’t speak on behalf of others but I recommend reading this blog post that is more directed to the wider spectrum of wedding industry suppliers and likely a lot of people you have plans with. Covid blog post



In order to do all I can to help you and to be as transparent as possible below is my postponement policy from Monday 6th April 2020.

    • If you decide to postpone your wedding date to be a date I’m available between now and April 30th 2021 there will be no fee. 

    • If you are rescheduling to any Sunday -Friday in 2021 there will be no charge to amend the contracted date, your booking will be transferred and you’ll be firmly in my diary with the same package.

    • If you wish to postpone your wedding to a Saturday in January through to and including April or October through to and including December, there is no charge to amend the contracted date.

    • If you wish to postpone your wedding date to a Saturday from May through to and including September 2021, there will be a new £300 booking fee required to secure the new date. Your balance will continue to be due 2 weeks before your wedding date in line with your contract. All other aspects of your contract are transferred to the new date.

    • If you wish to proceed with a date that I am unavailable then you have two options.

a) to have me arrange an experienced associate photographer to shoot your day and hand all files over to me to edit in my style and continue my relationship with you.

b) cancel your contract and then the cancellation policy will then be as per your contract.

I really hope you can understand that at this unprecedented time of our lives I am trying to support you all as much as possible in this crazy journey; whilst having to also protect my future income. One thing I do know is that when your wedding does happen it will be more beautiful, heartfelt and meaningful than you ever thought possible and I cannot wait to capture all of the magic for you.

Sending love, positivity, and strength to you all. Stay safe.

Much love,