Investment in your Photography – Which package?

      Which package? You might not like the idea of being photographed, I get it! The way I document your wedding day is for you to feel as relaxed as possible. This includes as little posing as possible. No cheese, no bossing you or your guests about just blending into your day and documenting it from the inside. I’ll direct you where needed but mostly it’s about capturing honest, real and heartfelt moments. I won’t get you to do any cringy posing. And 100% no heart-shaped group shots!

      Pricing starts at £1950 for a full day coverage.  Please get in touch for availability.


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      If you are looking for a forever collection of your beautiful wedding day as it unfolds, I’d love to hear from you. For more info on my packages please see below or get in touch. 

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      Hello! This is me. I don’t like to talk about myself but so you get an idea of who I am then here’s a few bits of info:
      • I’m an animal lover I have 2 ponies, a chocolate lab and a list of animals that I’d love to add to my tribe. I also have 3 children and a husband. My friends and family mean the world to me.
      • I love the little things in life. I believe the little things outweigh the big.
      • I love a boozy lunch. A Sunday Funday, live music and living for the moment.
      • I total cry baby when it comes to music, movies and anything that evokes emotion. I’ve been known to shed a tear at most weddings I shoot. (Discreetly, don’t worry I won’t start sobbing!)
      • I’m a yes person which has lead me into some weird and some very wonderful things in my 37 years! I’ve been trying to learn to play the guitar for 37 years…
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      What my clients say about me…

      “We cannot praise or thank Sam enough. If you are looking for the PERFECT photographer, look no further”

      “I honestly think you have captured every single moment of the day and all so beautifully! Thank you so much!”

      “Sam just made us feel at total ease, you barely knew she was there however she captured EVERYTHING!”

      “We are totally blown away by the way Sam handled our day, even with a few dramas thrown in Sam just made us feel 100% confident in her”

      “We love our images more than anything and see Sam as more of a friend than one of our wedding vendors!”


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      If your not excited about the idea of being photographed, don’t panic, I get it! The way I document your wedding day is for you to feel as relaxed as possible and that includes very little posing. I give you gentle guidance where needed during your couples session but it will be light hearted and nothing too cringe. PROMISE!

      If you are looking for a forever collection of your beautiful wedding day as it unfolds then I’d love to hear from you.



      Hopefully some of these will help you with any questions you might have however if theres anything you'd like to ask just get in touch.

      Why choose Sam Cook Photography?

      I'm real, relaxed, and passionate and I will give you every ounce of my technical and artistic skills during your wedding day. I love, love and it's all about telling the full story of your day and those you love.

      Are you insured?

      Yes, yes and YES! I take this very seriously, together with backing up your images to multiple back-up devices so I can be sure your images are as safe as they could possibly be!

      What if it rains on our wedding day?

      It's very rare for it to rain ALL day so we may just adjust the schedule slightly. I'll be looking for any break in the rain and soon as the moment comes I'll grab you both. If it's not going to stop, we get creative! 

      How do we book?

      If you are keen to book then this is fabulous, please get in for with availability. We can then meet, Skype, or have an email/telephone chat about your plans. I will then ask for a non-refundable £300 booking fee and a signed contract (this is all done online so no faffing with posting contracts back and forth). Once I have these your date is booked in my diary and the fun begins!

      How do we receive our images and how long will it be until we receive our gallery?

      All of my clients will receive a password protected fully downloadable online gallery. This can be shared with anyone you wish. Prints can be ordered via an online store attached to the gallery. Editing times are 6-8 weeks as standard, all albums and prints that are ordered/part of your package will be delivered after final choices are made from your gallery.